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Single Strategy Portfolios


Strategic Knight

RCM’s flagship equity portfolio utilizes an integrated approach with proven investing disciplines. This strategy historically holds between 15-30 individual stocks. Designed for investors who value a portfolio with the advantages of stability, growth, and opportunity. Stability is provided through core holdings in strong, well capitalized companies while growth is tactically traded in strong up-trending markets.

Strategic Knight Hedged

This equity portfolio takes the best of individual stock selection and couples it with downside protection through the use of options. While utilizing all the investment insights of the Strategic Knight portfolio, this program has the additional benefit of protecting against market downside. The interoperability feature of using options to protect long stock positions gives investors the downside protection they may be looking for in volatile markets. 

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Global Equity Income 

This portfolio looks to obtain income with growth from high quality, dividend-paying domestic and international equities. Having a global approach provides the portfolio with an opportunity for a broader selection of companies that fit the criteria of increasing dividend distributions, strong fundamentals, and stable earnings. This strategy is for the income-oriented investor who would like their portfolios to distribute dividends while seeking gradual capital Appreciation. 

Triple Income 

The Triple Income Options Program is an income and growth strategy that combines investing primarily in high quality, dividend-paying stocks while harvesting option premium. Through the use of options, we attempt to maximize income opportunities unavailable to investors of basic dividend-paying portfolios. This strategy is therefore designed to increase the level of income for the investor while maintaining the aim of selecting high quality companies for the investor’s portfolio. 

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Concentrated High Growth 

This equity portfolio invests in 5-20 domestic equity positions and takes a top-down approach modeled on the common characteristics of the top performing stocks over the last 100 years. This strategy is for the investors that want to maximize growth and mitigate risk. This is a very active strategy that primarily utilizes technical indicators for the purchase and sale of stocks.

Risk Based Asset Allocation Strategies


Tactical Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Solutions 

Risk-adjusted rates of return for equities and fixed income vary over time. This presents tactical opportunities for investors to take advantage of different market cycles, anticipated asset class favorability, regions, interest rate regimes, and other inefficiencies within the marketplace. The key for these strategies is to find those areas with the highest risk-adjusted return probabilities during those specific time period within the economic cycle while adhering to the risk allocation guidelines of the client(s). 

Strategic Mutual Fund Solutions 

The tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory teaches us that markets are efficient, that diversification reduces overall portfolio volatility, and that lower correlations with the general market will help optimize the risk return relationship. This strategy is a more strategic approach to long-term investing. Investors are provided with broad exposure to different asset classes through fund selection and appropriately weighting of asset classes according to their risk profile. 


MAP Select Portfolios 

This strategy’s approach is to selectively combine the very best of the RCM portfolios and investments while maintaining asset allocation guidelines to develop portfolios that will be strategic, tactical in direction, and specific in mitigating risk. Many allocation strategies utilize a predetermined method of rebalancing and allocation. This is not one of those allocation strategies. These portfolios are comprised of individual stocks, exchange traded funds, and mutual funds coupled with the Investment Policy Committees macroeconomic views and tactical tilts towards performing markets. A better risk-adjusted return is the goal for MAP Select. 



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